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Online Job Certificates and Why You Should Get Them

Have you been wondering how to get a leg up when applying for jobs or trying to make your resume stand out? Online job certifications can help you accomplish just that. 

There are certifications for endless amounts of careers, programs, opportunities, and more. Here are some of the top online certification platforms you can start using today:

  • U.S. Career Institute 
    1. Costs money
    2. Certificates in 
      • Healthcare 
      • Business 
      • Services 
      • Legal 
      • Wellness careers
  • TopResume
    1. Offers 7 free courses 
      • Inbound Marketing
      • Supervision Skills
      • Google Analytics
      • FEMA
      • IBM Data Science
      • Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies 
  • Grow With Google
    1. Can access resources such as coaching sessions, mock interviews, and a resume builder tool
    2. Costs money
    3. Courses offered in 
      • IT support
      • Data Analytics
      • Project Management
      • UX Design
      • Android Development 


Why get a certificate you ask? Not only will extra certificates boost your personal skills but it will make you stand out to employers and will allow you to apply those extra skills to a career you love. You will become more independent, valuable, and knowledgeable. Even if you already have a job, gaining the extra knowledge can help you to earn bonuses, climb up the ladder of management, and show your boss that you are always willing to learn and expand your skills. Read more about the benefits of earning a certification.

Certifications are not for everyone. These programs can be very helpful when applying to specific jobs or wanting to broaden your skill set but you need to know your exact goals before spending the time and money on a certificate that will not be helpful. 

Certifications are a great option to consider though, but you should plan it out first and know all the details. Read more here about getting the right certifications.

Bottom line, certifications are a helpful tool to gain better skills and access to useful resources in order to broaden your knowledge, skill set, and value.

By: Amanda Overy, Marketing Intern  

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