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St. Patrick's Day!

You better be wearing even an inch of green or watch out, you may get pinched!

It is St. Patrick’s Day!

National Napping Day

What better way to celebrate a Monday than with National Napping Day?! (not while at work/school, of course)

International Women's Day

What better way to celebrate equality than International Women’s Day. As a staffing firm that is woman owned, Renhill supports this day in every way possible. Wondering how you can celebrate? 

National Employee Appreciation Day

Today marks National Employee Appreciation Day! 

National Love Your Pet Day

Happy Saturday and happy National Love Your Pet Day!

National Random Acts of Kindness

Happy Wednesday! With it being the smack-dab middle of the week, you may find yourself feeling a bit down and ready for the weekend. Or maybe it feels like another never-ending Monday. Or maybe today is your day and you are thriving in all aspects. 

Valentines Day

Happy day of hearts, couples, kisses and all things love!


February 14th marks Valentines Day and everyone is used to celebrating this day from the time they were young in elementary school handing out small tokens of cheesy quotes and tiny pieces of candy to the most current years where the day is usually reserved for those love birds out in the world. 

Galentines Day - February 13th
This day is for you girls!
National Fly a Kite Day

It’s National Kite Flying Day! On this cold and snowy day, look to the wind, grab a friend, bundle up, and get to flying. Or maybe start with building a kite, save the flying for a warmer day. 

National Tater Tot Day

Do you like all kinds of potatoes? Are you a tater tot fanatic?

You’re in luck

Today is your day

It’s National Tater Tot Day! 

National Groundhog Day

Will Phil see his shadow? Is winter here to stay a bit longer or should we look forward to some spring showers?

National Get Up Day

Snow got you down? Stuck inside on this cold day? Need a pick-me-up or have a powerful message to share?

Have Fun at Work Day!

Work got you down? Or are you down in general? 

Well, turn that frown upside down, because today is National Have Fun at Work Day!

National Chocolate Cake Day
Are you a chocolate lover? Or even a cake lover? Well, today is the day for you!
It’s Day Opposite National!

Did you figure that one out?

National Hat Day

It is National Hat Day! So, throw your hair up (or down), throw your favorite hat on, and celebrate the day!

National Dress Up Your Pet Day

It’s National Dress up Your Pet Day! Who wouldn’t want to celebrate this fun day with your beloved pet?!

National Rubber Duck Day

Rub-a  dub dub, celebrate the duck! Happy National Rubber Ducky Day!

National Clean Off Your Desk Day
This year, not only does January 11th land on a Monday, but it is also National Clean Off Your Desk Day!
National Technology Day
Technology, technology, technology. This year has served us best in the technology realm. With Zoom, TikTok, Facetime, and plenty more we have been able to stay connected, stay laughing, stay in school, and stay working. 
January 5th -- National Whipped Cream Day
Did you know that January 5th is National Whipped Cream Day? This delicious topping is made of heavy cream, sugar, and vanilla. It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3!
Take Control of Your Work Environment
Did you know that creativity has been found to result in more productivity than any other form of leadership technique? It has been found that those who have more control over the layout and design of their workspace are healthier and happier. 
National Trivia Day

Did you know that January 4th is National Trivia Day? It’s a day to test your knowledge and the knowledge of those around you!

New Year's Eve & National Champagne Day

Happy New Years from Renhill to you! We hope this coming year will be a bright one full of opportunities and adventure. Today is also National Champagne Day, how fitting! So here’s a cheers to you and a cheers for the coming year to new beginnings. 

National Bacon Day

Are you a bacon enthusiast? Did you know that December 30th is National Bacon Day? Well, today is your day you bacon lovers!

National Hero Day
Did you know Dec. 29th is National Hero Day!?
National Short Film Day

Happy Monday and happy Short Film Day! Did you know that December 28th is national short film day? Short films have been around since the 1900’s, where all films were considered ‘short films’. It wasn’t until the late 1900’s that longer-length films emerged, and the term ‘movie’ was created.

Christmas Eve - National Eggnog Day

Did you know that the 24th isn’t only Christmas Eve but National Eggnog Day as well?!?!

National Ugly Sweater Day
Did you know that the last Friday of every December is National Ugly Sweater day?! 
We celebrated by wearing our ugly Christmas sweaters in our offices last Friday!
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