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Temporary Staffing Reduces Business Costs

Today's temporary staffing options can reduce the costs of labor, which for some businesses are more than one-half of their variable costs. A flexible, qualified workforce that positively impacts the profitability of a company is not always easy to find, train, and retain.

The temporary staffing solutions with Renhill HR On Demand make it possible for businesses to have the contract hiring options they need, at a fraction of the costs associated with direct-hire placement. As a full-service staffing firm, Renhill HR On Demand takes care of the pre-screening, testing, and interviewing associated with new hire placements.

Our qualified staff handles the additional burden and legalities of state and federal compliance with taxes, benefits, and reporting for you. Your existing human resource staff can continue working on current projects and growth, knowing that the paperwork is taken care of for the temporary help assigned to them.

Loss of productivity is not an option for today's business success. Change brings fresh opportunities, and businesses can respond to productivity fluctuations knowing that the hiring process time is reduced with temporary staffing strategies.
Achieve Headcount Flexibility with Temporary Staffing Services

Maybe you have short-term staffing needs or cyclical changes in your business. The flexibility of temporary staffing allows you to fill those needs when they occur, and scale your manpower back to lean levels when necessary.

Renhill HR On Demand retains a database of pre-qualified candidates for the positions you need. As your business grows or your projects increase, we can help you quickly increase the size of your workforce. Make faster progress on your long-term business goals, knowing that you will have the temporary staffing fulfilled when you need it, with qualified, dedicated temporary employees.

You can choose the staffing solution that fits your flexible needs. You can also be assured that the temporary staffing team from Renhill will include self-motivated employees, ready to jump in and contribute to the success of your company.
Contract Hire or Permanent Hire with Qualified Candidates through Temporary Staffing

No matter what type of employee you need on the job, we have high quality standards for getting you the right person for your company. We take a personal, consultative "Triple-A" approach to finding the right candidate for your temporary staffing positions.

Assess - First, we meet with you to fully understand your business needs, the position requirements, and the temporary staffing services that will fulfill your objectives.

Assign - We review our existing database of qualified candidates, and seek additional candidates whenever necessary. Only the best candidates for your position are assigned for your temporary staffing. We brief them on the expectations, how they will report and work for your, and follow up to make sure that you have the satisfaction you deserve.

Analyze - We have an ongoing analysis process to be sure your temporary staffing requirements are being met, and how they may grow in the future. The performance standards we place on our employees are frequently measured to be sure they are providing the value you need.

Your temporary staffing needs may change, as your company is growing. With Renhill HR On Demand, you have the opportunity to complement your workforce with additional job placement services through our database of candidates:

Contract staffing positions, Contract-to-hire staffing positions or Direct hire positions.

Renhill HR On Demand also offers HR Outsourcing to companies who need extra help in compliance, training, or development. No matter what your temporary staffing needs are, Renhill HR On Demand can keep your business workforce working.
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