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  • 2650 N. Reynolds Road | Toledo, OH 43615
About Us
Renhill | HR On Demand is the Preferred Staffing Firm

Renhill is a Northwest Ohio, privately owned, full-service staffing firm with over 40 years experience helping businesses with their staffing needs. Beginning in 1970 as a permanent recruiting and placement service for the business industry, we naturally evolved into temporary solutions in administrative and manufacturing entities. We later expanded into the local Educational Service Center's preferred choice for educational staffing solutions. More recently in 2010, Renhill Staffing merged with HR On Demand.

Our professional recruiting and service team helps place qualified people in most types of organizations and disciplines, including administrative/clerical personnel, industrial/warehouse positions, hospitality, and even higher-level professional/technical occupations.
Staffing Solutions Designed for Your Business Needs

We are committed to fulfilling the staffing requirements of our existing clients while helping future clients achieve cost containment goals through our full-service employment agency services. Through our staffing solutions, we find the competent, skilled people you need in your business, and we take care of making sure they are paid in total compliance with all laws and regulations.

In addition to staffing needs, your business may have other human resource needs, goals and objectives to be met - but you may not have the staff or expertise to fulfill them. Renhill's HR outsourcing services include on-site or outsourced help just where you need it, when you need it. The evaluation, guidance, and implementation of human resource objectives is just part of how we provide a full spectrum of employment agency services for your company; and you pick and choose the services you need.
A Staffing Firm Dedicated to Clients, Employees, and Community

Renhill is committed to maintaining industry leadership by providing clients with reputable and experienced permanent and temporary employees, while offering employees a high quality, successful employment opportunity. We recruit new talent every day to prepare for the needs and demands of our business clients. We don't rely only on the database of qualified candidates who are looking for a position; but we also actively seek ideal candidates who are already working successfully in similar positions.

It takes a team to be successful in business today, and we help put that team together to make a difference in the communities we serve. As a leading employment agency in many communities, we network and help grow those communities by being a member of all Chambers of Commerce where we are staffed.

Renhill HR On Demand is a proactive employment agency ready to assist businesses with the staffing solutions they need to stay competitive in the business market today. We are also an employment agency committed to helping our employees grow professionally in the positions they serve.


Compliance Requirement
UHC creates and publishes the Machine-Readable Files on behalf of Renhill. For the link to the Machine-Readable Files, visit: https://transparency-in-coverage.uhc.com/
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