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Galentines Day - February 13th

The 2009 tv show, Parks and Recreation, founded the ever-so-loved-by-woman holiday, Galentines Day. 

galentines day

Galentines Day is celebrated every year the day before Valentines day on February 13th as a way for woman to celebrate friendship with their fellow females. No more worrying or stressing about that one day that consumes the first half of February, Galentines Day is here to save you and give you and your friends a way of showering each other with love. Because, who needs guys anyhow? (I’m just kidding)

But on a series note, though this holiday derived from a sitcom, it is a great excuse to get together with your girlfriends, show them how much you love them, and celebrate that friendship bond. 


Click here for Cosmopolitans 16 Galentine’s Day Party Ideas:

  • Choose a theme
  • Get dressed up
  • Pick a signature cocktail
  • Order/make all the delicious food
  • And get to partying (socially distanced and COIVD safe of course)


It’s time to celebrate being a woman and show you gal pals some love with this fun holiday. Even in the midst of a pandemic you can still take advantage of this day to give yourself and your friends some love. 

  • Have a wine swap (if you are of age)
    1. Everyone draw a name and then ship the wine to their house, or drop it off
  • Have a bake-off online
    1. Find a picture of a professional cake and see who can make the best replica
  • Watch a Netflix drama together online without being in the same room with Netflix Party
    1. No boys to tell you they don’t want to watch that girly drama show or romantic movie, get to clicking, snuggle up, and start watching


Whichever you decide to celebrate this loving holiday, gather up your friends (whether in-person or safely online) and show your girlfriends some lovin’ during this month all things lovey-dovey. 


To all the women out there, Happy Galentines Day!

By: Amanda Overy, Marketing Intern
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