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Valentines Day

Happy day of hearts, couples, kisses and all things love!


February 14th marks Valentines Day and everyone is used to celebrating this day from the time they were young in elementary school handing out small tokens of cheesy quotes and tiny pieces of candy to the most current years where the day is usually reserved for those love birds out in the world. 


valentines day

Whether you are celebrating with a loved one or living the day just like any other we want to show our love for you and your commitment to us. Thank you for joining the Renhill family and giving us the opportunity to help you with your staffing needs or finding a career that fits your specific skills. 

Valentines Day derives from St. Valentine. And although there are multiple historical stories on who the original St. Valentine really was and who this love-celebrated day came from. 

One states that Emperor Claudius II outlawed marriage for young men because he believed being single made them better soldiers. St. Valentine defied Claudius and performed marriages in secret for young lovers. 

Another story suggests that Valentine was an imprisoned man who sent “valentine letters” after he fell in love with a young girl and would sign them “from your Valentine”, suggesting where this signage still used today came from. 

6 Surprising Facts About St. Valentine


On this day of love and joy we hope you are able to enjoy it whether with a loved one or with yourself. Curl up on this cold day, enjoy some delicious food, watch your favorite movie, treat yourself to some chocolate, and find the love within. 


Once again, Renhill wishes you a happy Valentines Day and thank you for working with us!

By: Amanda Overy, Marketing Intern
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