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Why Should you Listen to Music at Work?

music for your brain

Your brain has an area called Putamen. The putamen “processes rhythm and regulates body and movement coordination”—How the Brain Responds to Music

Music can increase dopamine in this area as well as our response to rhythm. Another area of the brain, the hippocampus, produces and retrieves memory and regulates emotions. Music affects this area by allowing production of new neurons which will improve your memory. 

Listening to music while at work can improve your memory, increase water retention, regulate your emotions, and more. When doing a job it is helpful to have a strong memory so you spend less time recalling the password to your computer, remembering how to fill out a form, and more. Even light music every hour can increase your mood, boost your attitude and improve your productivity. 

According to a study done by the University of Central Florida, Music can “change your ability to perceive time, make you a better communicator, make you stronger, boost your immune system, assist in repairing brain damage, make you smarter, and evoke memories”. 

8 ways music affects your brain:

  1. Strengthens your brain
  2. Eases task fatigue
  3. Reduces sensory input
  4. Improves mood
  5. Stay focused in the moment
  6. Creates community
  7. Supports positive work environment
  8. Increases motivation


Still unsure of whether you should be listening to music at work? Read these articles on how music can affect your brain and increase your positive productivity


Turn that radio up or tune into your favorite station and start listening. Watch your mood and productivity boost as music rings through your ears. The science backs it up and music can not only improve the atmosphere in your work environment, but it can affect your brain and how you function. Music is not just a rhythm maker for words to get stuck in our heads but it serves many other function in our daily lives. 

By: Amanda Overy, Marketing Intern
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