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Have Fun at Work Day!

fun at work

Who has fun at work you ask? Well, everyone should! Including you!

Business Insider lists off 8 ways to have fun while at work:

  1. Create “happiness-boosting traditions” with your coworkers
    1. Weekly or daily lunches together
    2. Outings after work
    3. Friendly Fridays – doing something nice for each other
  2. Take a few minutes out of your day to get up and walk around
    1. “taking a few minutes to get up and out of your chair clears your mind and makes you more ready for the next task”
  3. Make your workspace a place you enjoy being
    1. Make it your own with pictures or decorations
    2. Keep cards, thank-you notes, and emails from customers/coworkers that make you smile
  4. Laugh
    1. Simple as that, be professional but at the same time you can laugh and have a joke here and there. Not only will it lift your spirits, but it will life those around you
  5. Compliment someone every day
    1. Make it a goal to compliment someone new each day, you will feel good giving compliments and are guaranteed to receive some along the way 
  6. Check in with your coworkers
    1. Your coworkers should become like your second family and families care for one another. 
  7. Be appreciative
    1. When someone goes out of their way for you, say thank you and acknowledge them, they will do the same for you
  8. Create or join an office team/club
    1. This is a great way to bond with your coworkers
    2. If there is not a team/club, then look into creating one!

Bonding with your coworkers will make going to work that much better. Even if you already absolutely love your job, you will only love it that much more!

Studies find that individuals with a positive mindset are 31% more productive than those with a negative mindset or even a neutral one. Creating a fun and positive culture is highly important in not only your work experience but those around you as well. 

Read these links below on how to foster a fun environment at work

Fun can make that big difference of dreading going to work verse waking up every morning and being exciting for your day ahead. Make your work day a fun one, especially today!

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