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National Tater Tot Day


tater tot

Tater tots go with almost any type of meal, especially breakfast. Dip them in ketchup, ranch, or even eat them plain. They are sure to delight your taste buds!

15 Easy Recipes with Tater Tots

35 Crazy Good Tater Tot Recipes

30 Easy Tater tot Casserole Recipes

Did you Know that the first tater tots were made from French fry scraps?

In 1954 the tater tot was made by the Grigg brothers as they came up with an idea of what to do with all the leftover potato scraps when making French fries. The two are now the cofounders of the frozen foods company, Ore-Ida. 

The tater tot name is trademarked by the brothers. If a tater tot is not of the brand Ore-Ida, it really isn’t a tater tot. The Grigg brothers created this name after digging through a thesaurus, holding a contest, and relating it to the potato. Although the word is trademarked, it doesn’t stop others from using the same name, but it is not of the original founders without that Ore-Ida name. 


Tater Tot Fun Facts

History of Tater Tots


Whether you like your potatoes fried, crunchy, baked, cheesy, plain, and all else in between, today is the day for you tater tot loving people. 

Delight your taste buds and give them a treat by taking advantage of this celebration and making one of the recipes listed above, ordering tater tots from your favorite local restaurant, or buy some frozen Ore-Ida ones. 

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