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Pros & Cons of Temp Jobs Vs. Temp-to-Hire

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Temp jobs have expanded beyond assistants or holiday work, it can be jobs such as human resource specialists, nurses, truck drivers, construction labor, and more. Some of the pros of temporary jobs are:

  1. Flexibility – the shorter work periods allow you to work on jobs at home, travel, spend more time with your family
  2.  It can help you in finding your career – temp jobs can help in building your skills and experiences, especially if you are looking for a new career it allows you the opportunity to try multiple different things
  3. Temp jobs can sometimes lead to permanent jobs – not only does a temp job allow you the opportunity to test a job out but it allows a company to do the same with you. If all goes well, you could be asked to stay

Although there are benefits to working temp jobs there are also a few cons:

  1. Too many temp jobs on a resume can look bad – most long-term companies look for people who are committed and will stay with the company, too much ‘job hopping’ can be seen as a red flag
  2. You could feel left out – as a temp hire at a company you won’t get the same benefits as a company’s full-time worker and it could be difficult to feel connected to your coworkers knowing you won’t be there for long
  3. Lack of stability – switching from job to job could mean a change in income and can be tiring financially and physically. Working with an agency can help with these possible issues, but it is still something to consider. 

Temp-to-hire can be referred to as temp-to-perm or contract-to-hire. It is much like that of temp work but you are looking to eventually get hired into a full-time position with that company. Below are some pros and cons of this type of work:


  1. Test the waters – you can test out the company and whether or not you would like to work there long-time without committing to it right away
  2. Gaining Experience – when you are in the position of a temp-to-hire you won’t be expected to know everything right away, which allows you time to prepare yourself and get acquainted before you are put in a full-time position
  3. Build relationships – just like gaining experience and knowledge of the company before taking on a full-time position, you can also get to know your coworkers ahead of time and build a well-rounded relationship. This can benefit you when the company has to choose whether or not to offer you the full-time position 


  1. Budget Cuts – if a company comes down to the grits and must make that decision then those who are in temp-to-hire positions are most likely the first to go
  2. Possibility of Starting Over – If the position does not work out as you were hoping then you could potentially have to start over at a new company
  3. Competition – You could be in a pool of other temp-to-hire employees where only so many of you will get the opportunity to stay on the job. 

Whether you are looking to expand on your skills and experiences and work for multiple companies under a temporary position or whether you are wanting to test the waters and potentially take on a full-time position it is important to understand the pros and cons of both. And although there can be a struggle with both, a staffing agency can help reduce any fears or concerns you may have. 

A Renhill we are here to ease your mind. You will not have to worry about being left in the dust, apply today and we can assist you in finding your next job!

By: Amanda Overy, Marketing Intern
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