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Finding a Job That Fits Your Personality

enjoy your job

Don’t get stuck in a job that you dread. Jobs aren’t only there to pay the bills. 

Find a job that you love, one that you look forward to every morning. 

Unsure of what job that may be for you? Below are some personality tests that link you up with jobs that fit your personality, hobbies, and more. 

  • Open Colleges Career Quiz
    1. This quiz takes about 5 minutes to complete and it includes salary expectations, employment outlooks, and typical hours all based on your personality and what career may be suitable for you
  • 123 Career Aptitude Test
    1. This aptitude test asks you to pick between four pictures and choose your favorite and your least favorite with different variation of pictures and at the end it analyzes all your decisions down to the careers that fit with your choices
  • Career Fitter
    1. This career test consists of 60 quick this or that questions intended for you to answer right away without much thought. It shows more about your personality and how you like your workdays to go, matching you with relatable careers. 
  • Good & CO Career Quiz
    1. This 3 minute career quiz helps to reveal your strengths and which jobs correlate with those specific strengths. Here you can also get a free in-depth personality report as well as a job report. 

Whichever quiz you decide to take, or whether you decide not to at all, it is important that the career path you are on right now is one that brings you happiness and joy beyond the money aspect. Sure it would be nice to be making millions but is it really worth it if you are miserable? 

Find that one thing you love, invest your time in it, take control, and watch the money and the happiness roll in! 

By doing what you love you will

  • Feel more fulfilled 
  • Be more productive 
  • Inspire others
  • Succeed!

“Having a job you love is more fulfilling and productive. It can even lead to a higher level of success” – businessnewsdaily.com 

“The average American has over 50 stress responses per day. But when you’re doing work you love, feeling a sense of mission and purpose, helping other people with the work you do, staying in alignment with your integrity, feeling a sense of personal power in an entrepreneurial business, working with people you admire, and expressing your creative gifts, you naturally experience fewer stress responses – and the body’s self-repair mechanisms have a chance to do their business”. – liveyourlegend.net 


Not only can these personality and career tests help show you what job fits you and your interests but think back on these questions and reflect 

  • What did you want to be when you grew up?
  • What would your friends or family say you are good at?
  • Who was/is your biggest role model? 

Think about these answers and reflect on which jobs fit those answers. There is a job out there for everyone and anyone, one that you will love. Don’t settle until you are doing something you are proud of and enjoy. 

Sure, it may take awhile at first and sometimes you will have bad days, but a job is something you should enjoy, not something you dread. So, stop hating the days you have to go to work but get started today and start living a life you love!

By: Amanda Overy, Marketing Intern
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