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What to Include in your Email Name

First things first, lets start with the basics, your email address: 

Is it appropriate? 

Is it really long? 

Is it professional? 

Does it include too many confusing symbols or numbers?


These are all important factors to consider when creating your email address. Any email you use regarding a job, applying for a job, sending emails to your boss or a potential coworker needs to follow these criteria:

  • Short and simple
  • Appropriate
  • Include your name

Be mindful of long-winded emails and ones that use inappropriate numbers, symbols, or words. Your high school email or the email you created in junior high will not swing anymore. 

Some examples of professional emails for a name such as James Smith would look like:


Click here for more ideas and examples on how to create a professional email name

Having an appropriate and professional email can make all the difference of a potential job opportunity, especially on resumes! 


You never know, switching up your email could potentially land you that dream job. Resumes, emails, cover letters, and more get sifted through daily by online sorters and secretaries. Unprofessional emails are sometimes the first reason they go in the discard file. 


No matter the job you are applying for or even the situation you are emailing about, having a professional email can take you from the bottom of the list to the top, especially in regard to being taken seriously. 

A professional email can say a lot about you and the importance of the subject matter. 


You email address can brand you

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By: Amanda Overy, Marketing Intern
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