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National Ugly Sweater Day
  • 23% of people will buy an ugly sweater
    1. It’s bound to happen! Whether it’s for a house party, an office event, or for family photos, 23% of people don’t doubt that they’ll be joining the ugly sweater brigade sometime in the future. The joy that comes with purposefully wearing an ugly sweater (without your fashion senses coming into question) is pure and unbeatable. 

  • 9% of people have celebrated
    1. Haven’t been to an ugly sweater party yet? Don’t worry, you’ll get there eventually. In fact, 9% of people have reported that they will be going to their first ever ugly sweater party this year. Don’t know anyone throwing a party? Why not host your own and invite other friends that haven’t been to one before? Ten ugly sweaters are better than none!

  • Uglychristmassweaters.com made $5 million
    1. This company knows their ugly sweaters. In only three years, their profit has skyrocketed into being a multimillion dollar company. So you can bet they know their stuff. This company allows you to customize your own ugly sweater, buy one in their stock, and even has sweaters created by popular influencers. Some of their sweaters are so ugly that they’re 3D! Many retailers have seen a good amount of profit coming in during the holiday season specifically from their stock of ugly sweaters, which goes to show just how seriously people take their decorative holiday-wear.

  • In Canada the words "Ugly Christmas Sweater Party" are trademarked
    • Jordan Birch and Chris Boyd has trademarked these words but don't worry, it is only in Canada so no need to worry about a law suit. Birch and Boyd knew what they were doing in coining the words to be their own. When it comes to Ugly Christmas sweater parties, no one has to worry about what to wear and who to impress, we are all in it together! 

We hope you enjoy our ugly Christmas sweaters and wish you a happy holiday from our Renhill family to yours!
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