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National Short Film Day

Looking to try your hand at creating a short film? Want to pick up a new hobby?

Read this article for 7 Rules for Writing Short Films. You too can become a movie fanatic, who knows, maybe your film will find its way to fame! There are endless short film festivals out there that you could one day compete in, show the world your story. 

Did you know Disney features a short film, what they call “Disney Shorts” at the beginning of each feature-film in theatres? Disney Shorts are usually made to test out new technology or to give new people experience, or both. 

Interesting facts about short films:

  • Film was invented in the 1890’s
  • In 1987 the panorama shot was invented
  • The first feature-length film was produced in 1906
  • A 1,000-foot-long film will produce 11 minutes of footage
  • The average length for a short film runs from 15 minutes to 45 minutes for competitive films and 7 minutes to 10 minutes for the shorter of the latter 

Here is a list of The Best Short Films -- Watch these films for ideas or simply for the enjoyment. Most short films can keep your attention longer than a feature film and almost always find a way to connect to your emotions. 

Take a trip to your imaginary side and try your hand at producing a short film, you may find that you are really good at it or you may just have a fun film to look back on and laugh about. Whichever way it may go, having hobbies help with stress and promotes better health. 

Stay healthy, find your new hobby today!

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