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National Hero Day

Lately we have a lot of heroes among us! With COVID-19 making its appearance known back in March of this year, the health industry has excelled in its efforts to continue working those long hours, keeping people safe and healthy, and much more! The hospitals bundle up in their safety gear and layers of protection in order to attend to those in need while still keeping themselves healthy. 

But it’s not just the health industry, there are endless professions and people beyond that that continue to work to make this world a healthy one during these hard times of a pandemic. Those delivery drivers and warehouse workers sure saved us during the holiday season in working to get gifts packaged and delivered on time. 

Teachers have maneuvered their way through zoom zoom zoom to continue to find new ways to teach students and to keep the classroom as alive as possible. Some schools have found ways to make it possible for in-person learning while following safety guidelines. 

Nursing homes have become a closer community now more than ever as visitors are limited or not allowed, and the buildings are full of the same faces of someone’s mom and another’s grandfather. Employees working to keep those at higher risk safe so they can see their family again. 

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, especially this year! Everyone has had to learn new platforms, expand on their delivery services, find ways to learn online and ways to teach online, ways to help children understand the spread of a small virus, ways to protect those you love without being able to see them, and much more!

On this day of National Hero Day, be sure to thank someone. Whether a friend, a parent, or your local mailman, everyone is considered a hero in some form, even you! So thank your neighbor and continue to be a safe you for a better tomorrow. 

By: Amanda Overy, Marketing Intern
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