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Take Control of Your Work Environment
own your work

Our current workforce provides many different aspects of an office or a work environment. With the recent pandemic most have learned how to work from home and how to utilize resources such as zoom and different online platforms. 

Your work environment can set the mood for your productivity and your overall experience during the workday. Creating a positive and healthy environment will affect your health, your work, and much more! 

When designing your workspace, you should thrive to make it your own. 

Make your office comfortable

There is a line between office comfortable and too comfortable. Besides, you don’t want to fall asleep on the job. 
If you are sitting in a chair all day, then purchasing a seat cushion could help with both posture and restlessness of a sore bottom. Seat cushions can make it easier to sit with good posture, reduce compression on your hips and spine, increase blood circulation throughout your legs and your entire body, increase in energy, and the biggest one increase in comfort. 
Besides a seat cushion there are other ways to maintain comfortability. 
  • Make sure lighting isn’t too intense. Natural light can go a long way and helps increase happiness and work performance. 
  • Take turns standing and sitting. Sitting all day everyday can tire you out. When you rotate then it helps to reenergize your body.
  • Take breaks! Research suggests taking a break every 75-90 minutes. This results in increased productivity and improved results of your work. 
Make your space your own

Working in a plain box is boring and reduces productivity. Even if you don’t work in a box, it could feel like you are if nothing around you reminds you of yourself. Use pictures of your pets or family to make you feel more at home, invest in a desk plant which can create a sense of responsibility to a ‘life’ at work, use fun-colored materials and desk supplies. 

Colors are connected to our emotions, so use them wisely. Implementing bright colors can help keep you awake as dull colors relate to tiredness. Green and blue hues boost productivity and sharpen your focus. Yellow relates to creativity and red is great for spaces where there is a lot of physical activity. Different colors stimulate different types of activity and so on. 
  • Red is associated with high energy and power
  • Orange is associated with warm and joyful and sociability
  • Yellow correlates to optimism and mental clarity
  • Green promotes balance, refreshment, and peace
  • Blue promotes rest and calm and helps increase imagination
  • Purple stimulates problem-solving as well as creativity 

Be creative with your space. Invest the extra penny in the colored push pins and paperclips, decorate a fun container to put all your pens and highlighters in, implement pictures on your desk or the wall. Overall, a space that is you is a space you will want to work in, make it your own. 
Take control of your work environment. Making your space both comfortable and your own you are sure to increase your productivity, health, and your positive mindset for work. 

In 2019 IBM stated that “CEOs say creativity is the #1 factor for future success”. 

Be creative, be you, be productive. 
By: Amanda Overy, Marketing Intern
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