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2020 has sure been an interesting year for everyone! We made it about three months in until the pandemic became a part of everyday life back in March. Although there have been a lot of ups and downs throughout the year, there are some positives and interesting facts that came of 2020!

  • The first drug to treat peanut allergies was approved by the FDA
    1. Back in January the drug called Palforiza was approved and can be administered to those who are 4 years old or older. 
  • The first frog fossil was found in Antarctica
    1. In April, scientists uncovered a frog fossil in Antarctica, the very first in the area. This could help determine when Antarctica froze over as it used to be a thriving rainforest.
  • A103-year-old woman recovered from COVID and celebrated with a beer
    1. In May, Jennie Stejna celebrated her recovery with her favorite drink, a Bud Light beer!
  • Dixie Chicks return
    1. In over 14 years, the Dixie Chicks released a new single “Gaslighter”, the title track to their forthcoming eight album.
  • NASA’s headquarters in Washington D.C. named after female engineer
    1. Mary W. Jackson was NASA’s first black female engineer and now has her own U.S. staple.
  • Family time
    1. Shutdowns are no fun, but it has brought families more together than ever, and people have begun to really value that time.

The pandemic has been rough, and 2020 is a year no one will forget, even if that is all we want to do. But there have been positives and the new year is a chance to move on and be better. Let’s appreciate the little things 2020 has given us, like a two-faced kitten or drive-by birthdays. We have zoomed our way from March to December and discovered Tik Tok dances and toilet paper shortages. We have recovered from losses and gained experiences unlike no other. 

The year 2020 has proven to be an unforgettable one, let’s continue to work hard and learn to make 2021 a better one!

By: Amanda Overy, Marketing Intern
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