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Top 5 Tips for Resume Building


The following are some of the most important tips when building and creating your resume:

  1. Start with an organized format that is easy to read and follow

Your identification should always be at the top of a resume or a header with some or all of the following information in the main body; Education, Work Experience, Job Skills, Volunteer Experience, Objective, Profile, Hobbies and Interests, etc. 

Identification in the header should include your name, address, telephone number, and email address -- be sure to use a professional email address! A professional email address can make a huge difference on whether the employer takes you seriously or not.

Here are some sample resumes for different types of careers!

You can use sample resumes to get started but be sure to be creative and original and to make it your own. Employers will notice individuality on a resume over a format that they have seen in the last ten candidates. You want to stand out!

  1. A resume should be one to two pages in length

Be sure to keep your resume as concise and short as possible. You do not need lengthy descriptions of your past jobs or your volunteer experience, keep each to one to three bullet points. If you can keep everything to one page, then do so. It is important to include everything so if necessary, use two pages, but no more!

Here is how to write a one-page resume

  1. Use a professional and easy to read font with standard margins

Font sizes should stay between 10 and 12 points in the main body, too small can make it hard to read and too big will look unprofessional and make it difficult to fit everything to one page. However, your name and header may be a bit larger in text and/or bolder. Typical fonts used are Times New Roman, Cambria, Garamound, Calibri, Verdana, Georgia, and Lato. All font should be in a black text as well. The standard margin size for a resume is about one inch on all sides. If you need more space, you can reduce the margin but do not go smaller than ½-inch. 

Here is a list of the best fonts for resume building

You can, occasionally, italicize or bold items for emphasis but be sure to keep it consistent. For example, if you decide to italicize the name of a company then each company name should be italicized. This will keep your resume organized and professional looking. 

  1. Avoid including all personal information and other items to avoid

When including your information, you do not need to include “personal information such as birthday, height, weight, marital status, children” (https://www.thebalancecareers.com

Avoid using phrases that start with “I, instead use words such as analyzed or created to begin your bullet points and when describing previous job duties. All action words should be in the past tense as well, unless you are currently working at that job.  

Avoid using flowery language or adding fluff. Words such as outstanding or interesting are too generic and do not add to your specific skills and accomplishments. 

Avoid including hobbies and interests that do not relate to your desired job and job specific skills. Knitting may be a fun hobby but if you are applying to be a nurse, it does not relate. However, if you like to write in your free time and are applying to a marketing job then that skill directly relates. 

Avoid including photographs unless previously requested. You can provide a link to your LinkedIn or other professional account which should provide a sufficient professional headshot. 

Avoid adding names and contacts of previous employers or supervisors. This can be provided on a separate list of references. Here are some more tips on reference lists

  1. Include words that are used in the job description

If a company posts a job advertisement with a list of desired skills, then pick a couple of those specific words to include on your resume. If a company uses an online tool to run through submitted resumes, using those key words can help keep your resume in the top choices. However, DO NOT include these words on your resume if they do not pertain to you! It is best to be honest than to lie, especially if and when the employer asks about that specific skill. Do not worry though, the more job experience you gain, the more skills you will gain as well!

Words to Avoid and Include on a Resume


All in all, your resume is you in writing. It is almost always the first impression employers will receive of you and you want to be sure it is a good one! 

The following are some more links to tips and tricks for building a good resume:

By: Amanda Overy, Marketing Intern
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