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National Dress Up Your Pet Day


Grab a bow or a tie and get to dressin’. Hit the dressing rooms and the pet stores, there is a special look out there for all the lovely animals. Even your gecko or fish, there are no limits!

Dressing up a gecko

Dressing up your guinea pig

7 Simple Ways to Dress up Your Dog

Dressing up your cat

Take advantage of this day, maybe even get matching outfits! The neighbors can’t stare if it’s a national celebration, right? 

Make sure the clothes you put on your pets aren’t restricting and are comfortable and breathable. If it’s cold out a cozy sweater could help keep them warm or a fun bandana can help them feel dapper in the heat. 

Whichever outfit you choose, share your photos with us on the fun and loving animal day! We would love to see the outfits you come up with. 

Photos of Animals Dressed Up 

By: Amanda Overy, Marketing Intern
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