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National Hat Day

crazy hats

“What’s that? A hat? 

Crazy, funky, junky hat

Overselpt, hair unslightly

Trying to look like Keira Knightley

We’ve been there, we’ve done that

We see right through your funky hat!” – Wizards of Waverly Place


It is National Hat Day! So, throw your hair up (or down), throw your favorite hat on, and celebrate the day!

Hats are perfect for so many occasions, especially those messy hair days. 

  • Going to a fancy place, wear a fedora or a fascinator!
  • Going to a ball game, wear a ball cap!
  • Going to the beach, wear a floppy hat!
  • Going to a hoe down or down south, wear a cowboy hat!

There are endless occasions and events that call for different styles of hats but today calls for any style, all day, no matter the occasion. 

Did you know that hat’s date back to 3200 BC?

  • In the middle 19th century umpires wore top hats
  • White tall chef hats have, traditionally, 100 pleats to represent the hundred different ways an egg can be made
  • A fedora was first a woman’s hat then a man’s and is now both
  • French magician Louis Comte was the first to pull out a rabbit from a top hat
  • The colors of hard hats on site have meaning and are used to distinguish roles and for safety
  • The first reference to a hat appeared in a cave painting, dated to 15,000 BC
  • “mad as a hatter” originated from the fact that most hatters suffered from mercury poisoning

Here is a list of the different types of hats and their names

Did you know that your body heat escapes through your head and your feet? Not only are hats fun accessories but they can be used to keep your body warm. In this chilly weather, keep warm, throw on your favorite hat, and celebrate the day!

By: Amanda Overy, Marketing Intern
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