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"Help Wanted: Tips to getting comfortable in a virtual job interview"
Fox 4 News brings us tips from professionals on how to feel comfortable during an online interview:
  • Dress the part, even though you may be in your bedroom
    1. "You want to make sure that you feel confident personally, and so one thing that you can really do is dress the part -- one, because you should because it's an interview right? So the classic interview attire. But also is this nonverbal signal to you that you're doing something outside of the norm, especially if it's taking place in your house". 
  • Test out your equipment
    1. "And you also want to test out your audio with a friend to make sure there's no weird sounds in the room that are overpowering your microphone, right? Because if they can't hear your answers, you might as well not have spoken". 
  • Use a sticky note to refer to key ideas you want to mention
    1. "Dr. Fortin also suggests putting up a sticky note in front of where you're doing the interview, to remind you of key words or ideas you know you want to mention during the interview". 
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By: Amanda Overy, Marketing Intern