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National Employee Appreciation Day

employee appreciation

Whether you are a boss, or a co-worker show those you work with/employ a little extra appreciation today. It is almost time for the weekend so why not start it off on a good note. Buy a round of coffee or ask someone to get lunch with you. There are endless ways to spread the love and express some appreciation today:

  • Hold the door for a fellow employee
  • Leave a note of kindness on their desk
  • Give a small gift, a favorite candy bar or drink
  • Buy cookies for everyone 
  • Show interest in something their passionate about
  • Recognize any accomplishments

Read the following articles for more ideas on how to show someone appreciation

What better way to spruce up your work environment than with a little appreciation and kindness? Pick something small or large to celebrate today and give a little appreciation all of your hardworking employees!

By: Amanda Overy, Marketing Intern