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National Chocolate Cake Day
chocolate cake
Go out and spend those well-earned dollars on some well-earned chocolate cake as today marks National Chocolate Cake Day! Yummm

Did you know that chocolate dates to the ancient Mayans while cake dates back to the ancient Egyptians! Thank you to these two for making this delicious combination possible

Chocolate cake combines the love of a fluffy bakery-favorite with that of an everyday loved sweet of chocolate. Cake can be used to celebrate many things and chocolate can be used to express love or to lift you when your down but today the two combines to be used for whatever the day calls for, whether a celebration or a much-needed cry, bake away or shop today and get your perfect chocolate cake to celebrate today’s national holiday!

Want to make the day even more fun? Bake your own cake with these simple recipes:
Get creative with it and send us pictures of your chocolate cake! Share with a friend or save it all for yourself (we won’t judge), don’t pass out on this delicious day!