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Why Work with a Staffing Firm as an Employee?

Renhill has over 50 years of experience in being a privately owned, full-service staffing firm! We are here to help your business with their staffing needs to stay competitive in the industry. We are also an employment agency that is committed to helping you grow professionally and find your perfect job today! 

A staffing agency works to connect businesses with employees without all the hassle. We have you covered whether from the business standpoint or an employee standpoint. 

Turnaround is quicker:

As a staffing agency, the turnaround time is most often quicker than regular jobs. If you are looking for work and applying for companies, it takes on average 1 to 2 weeks to hear back from the employer. While at a staffing firm, positions are looking to be filled right away, you could go through an interview and start the job the next day. We are here to help you get started as soon as possible, while still working with your desired schedule and needs. There is no long wait time. 

Laid off and need a temporary position?

There are endless opportunities with a staffing firm. If you are looking to work for a shorter amount of time due to a lay-off, we have you covered! Temporary jobs are perfect for those who need just a few weeks of work until their regular job picks back up, and we can get you started right away!

We are a family, here for you!

When you apply at Renhill, you will be matched with a specialist who will help you define your skills, needs, and wants and find the perfect position for you. But that is not where it ends. Even though you will have your coworkers at your placed job, we will still stay in contact with you and check-up every once in awhile to make sure everything is going well. You will not be left behind, with us, you are family. 

Build those skills!!

Looking for some new skills to help you stand out or want to practice something new? By working for a staffing firm, you can work temp jobs that will allow you to quickly learn and enhance new skills to boost your resume. These skills be used to leverage you into your next, permanent job. 

Will save you time & stress:

As mentioned above, it is our job to get you a job! With us you can complete one interview and process and be considered for multiple positions. You can skip the hassle of multiple interviews and paperwork. We do the leg work for you and will work to get you placed in the right position. 


If you are contemplating giving an agency a try, look no further, Renhill is here for you! We want to help you succeed in your job search with ease. Have questions or want to apply today? Call us at 419-254-2800 or apply online!

By: Amanda Overy, Marketing Intern