• 2650 N. Reynolds Road Toledo, OH 43615
  • 2650 N. Reynolds Road | Toledo, OH 43615
Part Time- CSR/ Accounts Receivable
parking Facility management 

With lots of computer knowledge and a fast learner, organized with close attention to detail, customer service oriented because there are a lot of customers to deal with and it’s Mon-Fri only I may be able to do the 1st half or the day or 2nd half of the day if that helps (8-12 or 1-5)


Customer Service Representative 3 (accounts representative PL 655 spaces, SP 1011 spaces, VS 1067 spaces, DiSalle 350 spaces, and TEA and customer validation accounts)

  1. Open new parker accounts in Paris for all 4 garages and airport
  2. Post daily payments to Paris from office log
  3. Download payments from lockbox manually post those that don’t download
  4. Post ACH payments to Paris monthly (currently 50 individual account payments, 2 business accounts)
  5. Post Authorize.net payments to Paris around the 1st and throughout the month (currently 80 individual account payments on the 1st,2nd and 3rd)
  6. Meet monthly with Cris from HCR to term, add or move parkers from Pl to SP after probation period, (10-15 to term and 10-15 to add) in Paris monthly
  7. Close accounts in Paris, stop any auto payments, submit key card refund request
  8. Keep accounts current in prepaid status for ParkSmart, DiSalle and TEA
  9. Any collection efforts needed on past due accounts and closed accounts with a balance
  10. Process validation orders including special events (weddings, company parties etc.)
  11. Responds to emails and phone calls from monthly customers daily (on average 10-15 emails 5-6 calls a day)
  12. Cross train on running a drawer at the violations counter, opening mail and taking deposits to the bank for sick days and vacations
  13. Cross train on setting up appeals on excel spreadsheet for mailings and placing tickets in appeal status in Ipro and working with hearing officer to set up dates, receive and enter rulings
  14. Cross train on doing void logs for violations counter



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