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  • 2650 N. Reynolds Road | Toledo, OH 43615
Animal Shelter Kennel Technician

Animal Shelter Kennel Technician

Renhill Hr on Demand is seeking that person who loves fur babies (animals) and wouldn’t mind being paid to cater to their needs in a No-kill environment and be paid for it.

General Duties:

=         Feed, exercise, care for as you make sure the cats and dogs have a hygienic and safe home

=         Monitors animals well-being, maintains the cleanliness in the building and grounds

This person would have the satisfaction of working closely with the animals, other staff and shelter volunteers, and would report directly to operations manager. Candidate must be comfortable working around different temperaments and breeds.

Part-time employment

Main Responsibility is providing a sanitary environment which would include:

=         Cleaning and sanitizing kennels, yards, pens, drains and fenced-in-areas

=         Regularly feed, water and maintain the animals as well as clean the water and food bowls

=         Regularly launder bedding and accessories

=         Complete and maintain animal and facility records and logs

Sounds like something that you would enjoy doing? Give Melissa a call at (419)254-2856.

Renhill HR on Demand is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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