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  • 2650 N. Reynolds Road | Toledo, OH 43615
Medical Billing - Collections

Until at least June 2020

Payrate? $14.00


1. Create and monitor electronic and paper tickler files for action required

4. Monitor and work remits, denials and correspondence and document action taken.

5. Monitor claims clearinghouse software for claims requiring attention and take appropriate action with memo notes if not able to bill.

6. Submit account adjustments as needed, per policy and work steps, track for completion.

7. Utilize and update any Coordination Notes – AR to OM, per policy 

8. Work accounts from aging as time permits and document actions taken.

9. Note the billing system per Aging policy and work steps

12. Bill daily following all policies and work steps

14. Process write offs timely as needed.


  1. Review Claim Management for previously billed periods for billing audit errors that can be corrected by the Billing Specialist.


1. Participate in AR review meetings for all assigned facilities, per AR Aging Process policy

Last day of the Month

  1. Review unbilled Levels of Care Report


Call Jill Keister for more information and for possible interview.


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